Retractable awnings can be a great asset in preserving the value of your property.

  • Beauty and elegance that is instant.

  • Reducing peak energy consumption by lowering the heat input to a room by 77%, and reducing air conditioning use by nearly 25%.

  • Protect furniture from the sun and UV rays by covering it with a shade cloth.

  • Provide shade and protection from the rain to extend outdoor space.

  • Easily maintainable and easy to use.

There are many options for outdoor covers available at Fixed awnings and canopies are not as durable as canopies. They require constant cleaning and take up a lot of space. Property owners have additional advantages due to the versatility of retractable umbrellas.

Retracting the awning when it is not being used will protect it against fading, wind damage, and tears.

Easy to use with remote controls and motors

Adjustable pitch and projection, which allow the awning to be extended and adjusted in any way that suits you.

Simple installation means no construction costs

The design of retractable awnings is simple. An anchoring bracket is used to attach the frame to a wall or roof. The arms of the awning are held in place by tension springs. No stanchions or posts are required to support it when extended. 

The tension springs in high-quality awnings are very strong. Retractable awnings can extend up to 17 feet at the elbows and have a weight of 2200 pounds. The length of retractable awnings can be adjusted easily.

The retractable awnings can be adjusted to fit any environment or building.