Cosmetic and standard dental practices rely on the service of highly qualified health professionals. 

Dentists help in a variety of situations, those who help to mitigate pain and damage to those who help restore a smile. If you are facing any kind of dental problem then you can schedule an appointment with a dentist at Chestnut Hill Dental Associates.


Standard dentistry concerns the management, diagnosis, and treatment of daily oral care problems. Based on the degree of damage caused, oral care can include fillings, bridges, veneers, root canals, and gum care. Preventive education is also provided by dentists to help a patient better care for their teeth in the future.


Similar to other types of self-improvement procedures, cosmetic dentistry notes a significant increase in popularity in the United States. A reason for this increased popularity concerns the progress made in cosmetic treatments to reach the perfect smile. 

Cosmetic dentistry (also known as aesthetic dentistry) is dental treatments wide range to improve the appearance of teeth. This includes color, straightness, and shape. Common procedures include veneers, implants, binding, and bleaching.


General dental practices concern the promotion of the health of the teeth and gums, working on the reparation of damage caused by mediocre oral health care in the long term or resulting from an accident. 

WHEREAS cosmetic dental practices are concerned about improving the appearance of teeth to produce a big smile. 

Some areas can overlap, such as gums. In general dentistry, most concerned with the promotion of the health of the gum line. 

But in cosmetic dentistry, is more concerned about maintaining the appearance and appearance of gums. The treatment may include working on the gum line recessed around the teeth.