Cold laser therapy uses low levels of light to treat a variety of conditions, including tendonitis, back pain, neck pain, Fibromyalgia, and TMJ. This FDA-approved procedure reduces pain and inflammation and strengthens damaged tissue.

 As a result, the healing process is accelerated. Depending upon the condition you are being treated for, Your chiropractor may use cold laser therapy as part of your treatment plan, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

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Low-power laser therapy is often used in combination with a variety of treatments to provide pain relief without the use of prescription medication or surgery. It applies outputs and wavelengths of low-level light directly to the affected area. The light is absorbed by the body tissue, causing a physiological reaction that promotes regeneration in damaged cells.

Since the level of light being delivered is so low, no heat is produced. While some patients report feeling a slight tingling sensation, most feel nothing at all during their treatment session. The tingling you may feel is due to increased blood flow in the area.

Treatment time lasts from five to twenty minutes per session. It is important to remember that, while you may feel immediate pain relief, this does not mean the injury/condition is fully healed. To ensure long-term success, it is recommended that you complete the full course of therapy prescribed by your chiropractor.