A lot of People know about pallets. They have been used in the manufacturing industry for decades to move goods and raw materials around the world, and while they are basically something you bet on other things, there are more than you might think.

At first glance, pallets are made by nailing pieces of wood together into a rectangular platform, which serves as the main function for moving goods by forklift to a warehouse or truck for onward transportation. It's surprising to know that there is a whole nomenclature that refers to wooden pallets, covering various aspects of pallet design and configuration.

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For example, the top of a pallet is known as the deck of wooden slats (planks), and the distance between slats is known as the distance between the decks. It can be said that this is as interesting as drying paint, but if the wooden slats are not the right thickness or the deck spacing is too large, the pallet may not be strong enough to carry the load it has to carry.

Another dark term used in the world of pallets is girders, the pieces of wood that support a deck and provide free access to forklifts. The height and thickness of the carrier will vary depending on the tasks required by the pallet.