VR (virtual reality) is the next level of immersion in video games. VR offers something special. Instead of just playing as some nameless, faceless protagonist, it allows you to be the protagonist. There are many companies that also provide VR lenses online.

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To start with, there are two main types of VR; seated/standing and room-scale VR. And here are the differences between them:

An Introduction to Room Scale VR

Large-scale VR is a virtual reality experience that takes all your leeway. Instead of being in the same zone or position as playing a controller or sitting down, the size of the room allows you to move around and interact with your surroundings.

The physical movement of your body combined with what you see in the headphones creates almost unmatched immersion. Each VR headset has its own instructions on how much space it takes to play.

VR introduction while sitting/standing

Sitting or standing virtual reality allows you to experience the excitement of virtual reality with less physical fatigue. There are some virtual reality or augmented reality games that involve jumping up and down, running from side to side, and swinging your arms vigorously left and right to protect yourself from oncoming attacks.

Each VR headset has a unique controller, and each controller lets you use buttons or triggers to move from one place to another. Some controllers have a built-in joystick that you can push in the direction you want to simulate a walking experience. This is known as gentle movement.