It is important to know what compression stockings are before we get into their history. Jobst Compression Stockings, also known as Support Hose, are tight hosiery used to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Poor blood circulation can lead to weak connective tissue around the feet, which could cause varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. To avoid this, tight Compression Wear like stockings should be worn.

Stockings of this type are often very tight and provide compression and support for the ankle and surrounding muscles. This ensures proper blood circulation.

It is important to mention that Compression Leggings, and Support Hose, were invented by Conrad Jobst (a mechanical engineer and inventor).

He was also suffering from the same problem and created what is now known as Jobst compression stockings. Jobst suffered from a venous condition. He found that gradient compression socks could help to lessen the pain and misery correlated with such venous ailments.

Gradient compression stockings, also known as Jobst Compression Stockings, are stockings that gradually tighten in the leg. The most fixed part is around the ankle.

This gives maximum support for the range. The stockings' tightness helps to give compression to the area, which allows blood to flow back from the legs and not pool at the feet.