If you're publishing a book – be it an e-book, paperback, or hardcover – and you're really serious about getting it published and making money, a good cover is a key element of success.

Think of the cover of the novel that caught your eye the last time you went to a bookstore or saw a few online. You can browse the internet for more information on book design and covers.

E-book covers are typically flat images (which online stores can display) as well as a "curved cover" alternative to showcasing a sales website. They can be easily designed with the help of free software and a little effort.

Cover design

If you want to see your work in a striking view and are considering using an on-demand printer ("POD"), you will need an exclusive cover sold at a bookstore first and to manage the design process yourself.

In addition, many elements must be provided, eg. B. barcode and ISBN. There are very strict technical specifications that must be met if you want to release a POD at no extra cost.

If you want a cover for a knockout book, unless you're a graphic design specialist with the right eye for design and skills, get one from a professional. Once you find a professional, you need to provide clear instructions on what you want.

To minimize misunderstandings, write a short description on the cover of the book. You can fix this with your designer, but at least the two of you will see the same coverage requirements.