The marble-coloured chopping boards are elegant, fashionable and easy to wash. Contrary to wood the rough marble's surface can cause knives to become blunt, which is why they're better suited to roll dough on or as serving boards for serving. We enjoy the silky smooth black marble boards, made by Cargo.

Chopping boards made from wood are a popular choice since they aren't likely to ruin sharp knives, and also contain antibacterial properties. Hardwoods are the most suitable for wooden chopping boards since they stop scoring and absorbing dirt and liquid onto the surface. You can also buy a wooden chopping board via

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This Laminated Chopping Board made of hardwood from Eskil Design comes in a distinctive and exciting style. Stainless Steel always looks ultra-modern and is an excellent material for a stylish cutting board. If you're happy with the kitchen's surface, consider the stainless-steel worktop protector by John Lewis. 

It is a perfect fit onto the worktop edge and prevents the surface from scratching and staining. Glass cutting boards are simple to keep clean and very robust. Bring a splash of colour to your kitchen by using this gorgeous mosaic glass chopping board by Cargo. 

It's not just the "Tutti Frutti" colour scheme fun to play with and entertaining, but it is also dishwasher safe, odour free and stain-resistant and comes with an unconditional guarantee for the life of the product against breaking.