Cutting capes are typically fairly inexpensive, and may be ordered in bulk by salons or purchased individually by stylists; most can be ordered online or through beauty supply companies.

Most stylists have more than one apron available for use, should one become stained or damaged. Cutting capes may also be personalized and could make a great gift for someone who has just graduated from cosmetology school or who is opening their own business. Check out this link to buy good cutting capes.

Black Premium Peachskin Cutting Cape

It should always be worn to avoid staining or getting loose hair on one’s clothes. They should generally not be worn for activities other than their intended purposes, such as cooking or gardening. Instead, purchase designated aprons for those uses. In addition to pockets, a stylish apron might have hooks or clips along a belt, in order to hang items such as brushes or combs.

Any makeup or hairstylist who will be wearing a stylist’s apron all day will want to make sure that the garment fits well and is light. It should not be pulling or weighing heavily on the neck, and any weight in the pockets should be balanced and not cause strain on the back.

This is particularly important for those stylists who spend all day on their feet. Comfortable, supportive shoes are important as well, to ensure good posture and minimize back strain.