The coffee filter is a key part of your extraction. The coffee filter has a simple but essential action: to contain the coffee grounds in your filter holder while allowing the water to pass through its veil (the solid is separated from the liquid). To make the right choice, it will be important for you to know the 4 types of coffee filters in detail: stainless steel filter, white paper filter, recycled paper filter, and fabric filter.

Metal permanent coffee filters

Stainless steel filters are used in many coffee makers. The metal filters will let through more oil, naturally contained in the coffee, as well as very fine particles developing more material. The cup rendering, therefore, has more texture.

Stainless steel is an alloy, and it is a better version of iron, thus being insensitive to corrosion and therefore recommended for all food use. This type of filter is reusable and easy to clean, therefore ecological! If you have bought a coffee maker after reading the best coffee maker reviews by consumer reports, which use stainless steel filter that has gone damaged, then you can easily get a replacement online.

Paper coffee filters (barista's recommendation)

Unlike stainless steel filters, paper filters give you a much "cleaner" drink in the mouth because oils and fine particles are filtered out. The paper filter is suitable for consumers who therefore prefer a clear, crystalline coffee without deposits at the bottom of the cup. The difference between the white filter and the recycled filter is the recyclability of certain papers.

Permanent fabric coffee filters: fabric drip pot

Here is a reusable filter at will with less intensive permanent maintenance. The meshes of the sieve are here more spaced than metal filters. This filter allows a slow extraction, which perfectly enhances the original characteristics of the coffee bean, whether they are acidity, bitterness, or flavor. This method unleashes the richness of the coffee taste while retaining the coffee oils, resulting in a cup rich in flavor and complexity, with balanced aromatic power.