A powerful compressor is needed for tough, demanding jobs – and Industrial Air compressors do their best to fill this role with their line of heavy duty machines.

The smallest air compressors made by Industrial Air are somewhere in the vicinity of 20 gallons (the volume of the air tank), and are fashioned in the firm's usual upright or "vertical" tank configuration. Horizontal tanks of the "hot dog" type are found here and there in their product range, but their focus is overwhelmingly on upright types, some as tall as 77 inches or more.

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The largest air compressors made by Industrial Air are 120 gallon giants suited to the heaviest tasks – long periods of riveting, sanding, spraying, and grinding or cutting. Painted the usual sleek, glossy black that the firm has adopted as its "livery" color, this model is one of the few horizontal types, configured rather like an outdoor propane tank with the main machinery atop the air cylinder.

Even at this size, however, the machine is powered by electricity, meaning it can be used in a confined space without concern about asphyxiating or explosive fumes building up in the air. This machine – and the smaller 60 gallon and 80 gallon compressors that are also part of the range – provides up to 175 psi at maximum pressure, though 100 psi is considered the normal operating pressure. At maximum psi, the device provides 30.2 cubic feet per minute.