As a homeowner, you have an obligation to pay your property taxes. If you fail to do so, the tax authority can take action against you. This action usually comes in the form of a property tax sale. There are two sorts of property tax sales.

When you have submitted on a tax link sale, you enclose on the tax debt. You will not go out of a tax link sale with a property. In fact, you will be paying off the owner's tax debt in exchange for first position on the title.

The owner now owes you ahead of mortgage lenders, actions of confidence or anyone who has a claim against property, with the exception of the state. These sales are held when selling public auction, with the most offering winning tax. To check this position, the buyer receives a tax deprivation certificate.

Now, when the offending owner is studying the tax at the buyer, the buyer can consider a penalty of interest from sixteen to twenty-four per cent. This is where the purchase of tax privileges becomes quite profitable. If the debt of tax is not reimbursed to the buyer in whole, the more interest, by a designated time, the buyer has the right to seize and acquire the property.