With a huge variety of solar lights available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice! If you are unable to find the best outdoor solar lights for your property, then you can check out reviews provided by experts along with feedback given by customers from all over the world.

Choosing the right solar lighting for outdoors

To begin with, here is a non-exhaustive list of the important criteria for finding quality solar lighting. In particular, you will know which power and which sealing to choose.

Waterproof standard

Outdoor solar lighting must at least have the IP55 standard, although the IP65 rating will be recommended. If your lighting will be sheltered, then the IP44 standard is good enough.


The power of the lighting is measured in lumens. It is appropriate to choose a solar light with a brightness greater than 35 lumens per square meter that you want to illuminate.

Light source

LED or halogen? This question is easy to answer! Indeed, LED bulbs need on average 8 times less energy to provide the same luminous flux as a halogen bulb. The battery will therefore last longer after a single charge.

Solar panel type

Most solar panels offer an equivalent yield, around 17%. However, it is possible to separate them with their output power (measured in watts). For example, a 3W photovoltaic panel will charge the lamp faster than a 1.5W.

Movement detector

Motion detectors are becoming more and more democratic. They make it possible to overcome the main drawback of solar lamps: their autonomy after a charge. With a motion detector, you can drastically increase battery life since the light works at maximum power only when you need it! In addition, some lights offer the possibility of deactivating the detector if you wish.