Online merchants can today integrate a payment gateway within their eCommerce in less than 24 hours when they hire a leading payment service. The professional and experienced online payment gateway providers stay updated on the latest tech additions, and make payment collection and processing a breeze for the online merchants.

An online merchant can easily decide which PG offers it the best onboarding experience, and which one can be easily integrated within the eCommerce. These factors can be known beforehand, and help the merchant to onboard a PG service in the least of the time period. Saving of time offers towards loss prevention.

The best payment gateway alliance works with all the purchasing carts. Some leading payments gateway service providers, offer the merchants their own shopping carts so that they merchants can onboard the service in the least of the time period, and by incurring the lower expenditure. 

The online payment gateway integration process is fully automated and requires the least merchant intervention. As the payment gateways fully comply with the PCI: DSS guidelines, the merchant does not have to undertake any of the efforts for securing the online transactions. The merchant can choose the payment options that it wants to be displayed on the payment pages.

The merchants can easily test a payment gateway through a fake transaction before they start to use it for real online payment processing. This way they can know the speed and efficiency of the payment process and can deal with any issues beforehand itself.