Himalayan pink salt can be found in salt boxes, and it is one of the few varieties that is considered gourmet. Himalayan salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is one of the hardest natural salts on the planet, with the highest concentration of sulfur and other minerals being found in its crystal structure. The name" Himalayan" came about because of the mineral substance it contains, which is called "selenic". Pink Himalayan salt comes from pure Himalayan deposits and is known for its high quality.

Himalayan sea salt is mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is the one most people have heard of since it is the salt that is used in Chinese sea dishes. The salt, which sometimes has a slightly pinkish tone due to trace minerals, is used primarily for food seasoning and for decorative purposes but is also used for spa treatments and cooking as well. Many cookbooks and restaurants still use Himalayan sea salt as a key ingredient in a dish. As you might expect, it is an extremely expensive product, with the average weight of the salt being over one hundred pounds per ton.

There have been many studies performed that indicate there are many health benefits associated with Pink Himalayan salt. The benefits were most widely documented in relation to the prevention and treatment of certain cancers. Although the tests were conducted on animals, the preliminary results showed that humans benefited greatly from the elements found in the salt. The tests concluded that the salt was instrumental in reducing tumors in both rats and hamsters. In tests, it was shown that the titanium ions found in the salt helped reduce the levels of estrogen in the animals tested, which is vital for promoting good health.

In addition to cancer-fighting properties, salt has been proven to aid in lowering blood pressure levels. Pink Himalayan salt was shown to lower readings by two-thirds compared to normal levels. Other than cancer and blood pressure, the grains of salt were also shown to reduce the damage done to the arteries by high cholesterol levels. Regular table salt is full of unhealthy additives that counteract the positive effects of the minerals contained in Himalayan salt.

Another advantage of Himalayan salt comes from the way it has been used traditionally in lamps. These lamps have always had a purpose and often reflected one's lifestyle at that time. For example, black salt lamps were mined by miners in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The rock salt was then carved into blocks and piled in fireplaces to keep the warmth where it was needed. When the electricity came, the lamps began to be lit and people realized they could use the salt in their lamps to achieve the same effect without all the chemicals.

As an alternative to table salt, Himalayan crystal salt lamps are made with Trace minerals that have a different color from regular table salt. They produce a warm glow in the room that makes it feel like you are somewhere in the middle of nature. You might recognize this salt by its distinctive pink hues and a lot of the salt mined around the world is pink in color. Many people in the Himalayan region prefer using this salt in their lamps over the table salt. The mineral sodium bicarbonate is responsible for this special color.

Although Himalayan pink salt produces a special color, its flavor is quite pleasant. Its rich flavor makes it a favorite for food and drink, and it can also be added to recipes. This pink salt's unique flavor is partially due to the presence of bicarbonate and magnesium. When combined, these trace minerals create a distinctive flavor, which some find quite pleasant, others note that it is too strong or salty for their palate. You may want to experiment a bit with various salt varieties to see what your preferences are.

A large number of pink Himalayan salt lamps are available on the market today. Many of them are quite beautiful, but you will need to decide whether or not you are more drawn to the pink color of the mineral or the distinctive flavor of this pink Himalayan salt. It is a mineral that you are going to love, so go out and buy some right away! Your home will benefit from its use.