As we all know Santa Monica is a top tourist destination. This attributed to its great weather, great shopping and various tourist attractions.

In terms of hotels, you can expect to be treated like royalty, but you will have to pay for these services. You can book luxury standard rooms which feature either a king bed or a queen bed.

There are also numerous small motels all over the city, many with a 50's look that offer a decent room at a decent price. But make sure you do your homework first because you could also book one that is a dive.

Keep in mind many of the biggest attractions are not right in the city so you may think about staying in different locations for different attractions. So, you can also book hotels near beach in Santa Monica.

Also, if you like to eat, especially if you want to try many new ethnic restaurants in Santa Monica, then this town is for you. Everyone knows Santa Monica for Mexican and Chinese food, but we also have many Thai. Korean. Japanese, Vietnamese, Armenian, Persian, French, Italian, Ethiopian, and many more.

Santa Monica is a city of very diverse cultures. Along with all of the ethnic restaurants Los Angeles has become famous for trendy restaurants started by the hippest chefs.

Lastly, if you are planning a trip to Santa Monica allow yourself enough time to see everything.