A planning meeting is a gathering of employees from a company to plan for a project. Participants will discuss the scope and development plans during the planning meeting. A planning meeting serves the purpose of making important decisions and assigning tasks to members of the team to allow them to work on them during the time frame that has been established.

These steps will help you ensure that your planning meeting is productive and efficient.

For more information, please contact the Planning Committee:

The planning committee should include everyone who is responsible for a part of the initiative as well as those who need to make key decisions that will help move the project forward. You can request that an employee attends the next meeting if they have not been able to. Also, make sure they have the meeting notes. You can contact Cataline today for top meeting planning services so as to make the planning of your meeting efficient and effective.

Meeting Planning Resources

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Establish a timeline:

Each project or initiative should have a timetable that everyone can follow. It should be achievable, manageable for all parties, and allow for possible deviations. You should also consider other projects that members of your team might be involved in.

Assign tasks and set due dates:

As the meeting progresses, assign tasks to each member of the group. You might consider using a project management program or putting one person in charge of leading the group to project completion. To ensure everyone is on track and understands their responsibilities, set up a follow-up meeting at the end of the meeting.