Sunny Leone and her sensuality may be featured in the title "Jism 2", but the music department's expectations of any film from the Bhatt camp, known for broadcasting hit soundtracks, are always high.

"Abhi Abhi" gives the album a perfect start with an intimate piano sound. The composition is beautiful, and thanks to direct care, you can participate in it right away. You can get top 5 music videos of Darshan Raval from internet sources.

Singer KK wowed with her voice in numbers which had a slight rock feel that allowed her to grow in the audience. The lyrics are simple, but still, show the emotions associated with the film quite well.

There is also a duet version where the listener hears a different side of Shreya Goshal's voice. He uses different vocal tones that sound very sensual at certain intervals.

She turns out to be one of the best singers in Bollywood with a lot of unexplored versatility. There's a lot more music here with the addition of guitar riffs, but it's hard to choose between the two songs.

The next playlist is "Yeh Kasoor", which also includes piano music that sets the tone for singer Sonu Kakkar. Mithoon's lyrics are very touching and match his voice. The figure starts well but saturates after a certain point. The composition is very average. Honestly, it's a delay.

The next song 'Maula' delighted the voice of Pakistani singer Ali Azmat, who won hearts with his band "Junoon". Her strong voice beautifully expressed sorrow. The lyrics come from the heart and the song is musically perfect. A great composition where the music definitely tops the charts.

This was followed by the theme song "Ye jism hai", which received more responsibility as it was inspired by two Turkish songs – the Bengu pop diva song "Unut beni" and "Bizmkisi bir askhikayeshi" by singer Kayahan.