Why leave your RV unsafe in your storage space. You keep your vehicle tires safe from the sunlight why you are not keeping the whole vehicle safe. We often see so many people protecting their RV tires by covering them to save them from dry rot.

How come people never think of guarding the entire vehicle so the interior and exterior don't get damaged? There are two main problems with not covering your RV in storage where the weather is dry and wet.  You can also get the best RV storage service in Concord NC.

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In the West, the sun will harm the external paint and all the plastic portions by sucking the life out of them. Soon you will see your paint fade, oxidize and even crack, all your plastic portions will start to crack and shrink as well.  

Your interior is also at risk in the Western sun, for example, RV drapes will fall apart and the interior will then get sun damage like heat damage and fading from high temps inside your Recreational Vehicle. A good Recreational cover can assist and even stop all this harm.  

In the East where it rains so much and the wetness levels are high, you will see harm to the exterior like water leaks and rust. Most RV exteriors are made of aluminum but there are still portions that are steel that will corrosion and cause difficulties down the road.