The secret to having a stunning lawn once spring arrives is to prepare your yard for winter's long and arduous. You can visit to get Frisco lawn care assistance to avoid the hassle on your own.

No matter if you're in a colder climate or a moderate one, it's an excellent idea to follow some simple steps to bring your lawn back greener and healthier than ever before.

If the fall season has covered your lawn with brown, crunchy leaves, don't let them sit on the ground. Rake the leaves up. A thick layer of leaves in your yard may hinder your grass from getting the oxygen and nutrients it requires and can cause it to suffer slowly because of the limited supply of air. However, a few of the leaves and clippings could become fertilizer as winter wears forward, providing your lawn with the nutrition it requires to stay healthy.

Before you put away your mower to go away for the season, good lawn care requires one last mowing. Cut the grass slightly shorter than what you'd normally, as lengths that are longer than 2 inches can trap moisture and cause diseases when it comes to spring. After you've cut the grass once more your next lawn care procedure is to aerate the soil.

This is done by the use of a piece that penetrates the soil taking small pieces of dirt out and allowing air to enter the grass. A lot of lawn care companies provide this service at the cost of a small amount or you can lease the equipment at a local home improvement store.