We search out stories, whether fiction or nonfiction because we identify with the characters or the circumstances involved in the plot. We enjoy seeing the good guys finish first even when we feel like no matter what we do, life is simply against us. 

We want a story that makes us feel better, more alive, worthy of seeing things happen in lives like our own that are positive. For this reason, we read and then re-read motivational stories. We vicariously experience life through the words of writers that touch our hearts and souls. You can read more interesting true motivational stories via kotchmagazine.com/motivational-stories.

motivational short stories

For this reason, we will seek out writers that consistently reach out to us. Whether the writing is romance, suspense, or thrillers, each of us returns time and time again to the authors that gave us something.

Whether a small glimpse of a better time or place – or a deeper spiritual awakening – we all return to those writers that resonate within us. Readers of motivational stories read to feel something – something of value – on an emotional or spiritual level.

Once we find a writer with a storyline that is similar to our lives, we cannot help but continue to read more works by him or her. Authors of motivational stories will lose our loyalty if they stray too far from the 'beaten path' of what brought us into their stories in the first place. 

If a writer pens tales of children in dire circumstances being rescued, then ventures into a bonnet romance, for example, we would be likely to bypass their future work. As a general rule, writers select a genre that they are comfortable in, and stick with it – or write under another name.