Paracord was first introduced and used in military affairs during World War II. Today, parachute ropes are used by the military and civilians for various tasks. You can contact the best paracord store to buy 550 paracord to make belts, buckles and rings.

What is a paracord?

Genuine paracord cords usually consist of seven strong nylon cords, with each strap made of several smaller braided threads, all wrapped in a detachable outer nylon sheath. The structure and composition of this cable make it durable, flexible, soft, and flexible to use. The combined breaking strength of the original paracord is 550LB. Some people call it "550 cords". 

Applications of paracord:

Repair- Paracord can be used to repair torn or damaged clothing and equipment. With an internal thread that slides effortlessly off your body and an outdoor emergency needle, it's easy to repair your torn clothes. For the utensils, you can also sew the parts if they are damaged. The process is just as simple.

Stay cord- Whether camping or hiking, paracord lets you tie things to your backpack so you can carry more hands-free. You can also use them to hang bear bags to keep your food away from the critters, and to tie travel wire to protect areas or clotheslines for wet clothes, especially when camping.

In addition, paracord can attach the elements to the top of the vehicle and protect it from storms. And even with this, you can very carefully lower yourself or an object from a height.