The slurry is essentially a mixture of solids and liquids. Its physical characteristics are dependent on many factors such as the size and distribution of particles, the concentration of solids in the liquid phase, level of turbulence, temperature, and absolute viscosity of the carrier fluids. The slurry can be either settling or non-settling.

The slurry in which the solids do not settle to the bottom, but remain in suspension for a long time is termed as non-settling slurry. Slurry pumps are a comprehensive range of centrifugal slurry pumps for use in mining, chemical, and industrial applications.  Its vanes must be thicker in slurry pumps than in water pumps to allow for wear. If you need a slurry pump for your industrial purpose, you can contact us immediately.

The difference between water velocity and solids velocity is called slippage. The average velocity of the slurry is somewhere between the velocity of water and that of the solids. Centrifugal slurry pumps are being used extensively for pipeline transportation systems because of their capabilities to economically convey large-size abrasive solids in bulk.

The head loss for the rubber-lined pump was found to be higher than that for the metal pump which they attributed to the higher absorption of particle kinetic energy by the lining. The loss in the head and efficiency of the pump were found to be equal at various solid concentrations. 

For the purpose of investigating of performance of a slurry pump, a test loop was constructed to conduct slurry transportation under a controlled condition so the effect of different pump and slurry parameters could be investigated.