Shipping furniture using a freight services carrier is almost always the most affordable option, but freight shipping isn't for everyone. Here is everything you need to know to determine whether or not shipping furniture using freight is right for you.

What is a Freight Service?

Freight services are used for shipping furniture items that are boxed or crated. There are curbside pickup and delivery of your furniture shipment, and boxing or crating the items is your responsibility. If you have a few items that can fit in a box or a crate, you are eligible for furniture shipping using a freight service. You can also get the best freight services in North Carolina via

The Process:

On the day that your shipment is planned for, you will have to carry your items to your curbside for pickup. Unlike full-service moving, freight shippers will not come into your home and carry out your items.

Be aware that shipping furniture using freight means your items will be loaded and unloaded several times because freight services often function like hub system, where your furniture switches trucks several times before reaching its endpoint. You can see where the potential for damage arises here, so make sure you insure your items.

Shipping furniture using freight has its benefits- it is cheaper. Keep in mind, however, the processes and effort involved in preparing your shipment. If the potential for damage, the time required for preparation, and the lack of structured timeframes seem too exhausting for you, then you can always hire a small move specialist for shipping furniture instead.