The quality of solid wood furniture can be easily cut, engraved, and shaped in almost any piece of furniture. Perhaps because of their beauty and brilliance when crafted and finished by the architecture. You can buy modern “wood architecture + design” (which is also known as "wood arkitektur+design” in the Norwegian language) furniture made of plywood.

Neither of the new materials has proven to be a good alternative to wood. They offer designers and artists the opportunity to make high-quality furniture from wood.  For most of history, wood has been the building materials of choice for homes and the furniture used in them. 

The wood has a warmth you can feel. Nothing can replace the grainy feel and warmth of real wood – even if it's just a thin layer of walnuts on white oak, chipboard, or plywood. There is something about the look of wooden furniture that cannot be compared to synthetic materials.

When you feel its weight, solid wood indicates that you have an indispensable and durable piece of furniture. Nothing looks like a slab of wax from a pine table that has been beautifully polished and has a deep, high luster. 

The metallic or synthetic material cannot give the same high-quality luster and appearance as properly polished and finished wood. The main difference between solid wood and plywood or chipboard is their durability and strength.