Cloud computing is becoming more and more mainstream, now you can safely store all your documents online using a service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Accounting software is now very much in the cloud as well, leaving behind days of desktop-based software to adopt new technology.

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8 Reasons to Consider Cloud Accounting Software

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Here are eight reasons Why You Need to transfer your bookkeeping into the cloud:

1. Despite that some people may tell you that having your accounts in the cloud is actually more secure than being stored on a computer on your business premises.

2. The software is constantly updated free of charge. Yes, you be essentially renting the software, as you pay a monthly fee to use it but you will always be running the most up-to-date version and you will never have to fork out for software updates, unlike with desktop solutions.

3. As long as you access the Internet, you can access your accounts 24/7. This gives business owners the ability to be more in the tune with where their business is financial, in real-time.

4. Automatic Bank Feed. A lot of top cloud accounting apps have automated bank feeds that will automatically update your transactions, negating the need for manual entry.

5. As a business grows, cloud accounting is more scalable, primarily cloud apps consisting of a range of 3rd party applications that sync with software to provide increased functionality.

6. Cloud accounting software is built to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive, offering detailed account data at the touch of a button. This flexibility and ease of use give the business owner much more control over their current financial situation.

7. Save on accountancy fees. We don't mean by getting rid of your accountant as you will still need an accountant whether you have accounting software or not but by having your financial records in cloud accounting software that they can access, and are used to using, you can reduce the amount of time they need to complete your company accounts.

8. By moving your accounts online you remove the requirement for a costly desktop solution, hardware to support the software, IT support for when things inevitably go wrong, etc.