If you see a wasp nest or see yellow and black flying pests in your home, you are most likely dealing with a wasp infestation. Treat the wasp colony immediately with a pest control method to avoid further harm. You can also browse this site to buy the best wasp spray.

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Before you get any actual treatment, you need to identify the type of nest and wasp by examining the colony. Take all precautions by wearing protective equipment such as long sleeves and long pants, closed shoes, gloves, and safety glasses before approaching the nest while undertaking the following treatment plan:

Nest drenching: Drench the wasp nest with a pesticide spray. Take all anticipations to avoid association with insecticides when spraying. Destroy the nest once all the wasps have shrunk.

Nest dusting: It poses less danger than nest drenching. Powdered pesticides are ideal when a wasp infestation is not an immediate threat or a wasp nest is in the ground. Sprinkle a little pesticide powder on the nest and surrounding area and move away immediately.

Perimeter Spray: This is an important step in wasps control. Spray the same insecticide (which you may have used to wet the hive) in the places where the wasps fly.

These insecticides can be harmful to plants; So spray around the area and avoid spraying it directly. Spray near the entrance of your house.