How you hang that painting can have a big impact on the effect it has on those who view it. Here are some Top Tips on bringing that special piece – or pieces – to life in your home.

Hang Your Art at The Right Height

The standard height for many museums and art galleries is that the centre of your painting (or photograph) should be 145 centimetres from the floor. Why? Because this is the average eye height. Hanging all the paintings in your home at this height will give you consistency across different rooms and different canvas sizes. You can also buy art hanging mirrors at

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It works as a general rule. However, if you are hanging a painting above a lounge suite, it's a good idea to ensure the bottom of the painting stays more than 25 centimetres above the back of the lounge. 

It's All About Balance

If you're planning on placing multiple pieces of art together on a wall, it needs to work together as a single display. Put the larger/heavier pieces at the bottom-left of the group and transition to the lightest/smallest pieces top-right.

If that sounds tricky, it's a lot easier to get the positioning and distances right with a picture hanging system like the ones from They're flexible and adjustable, making it much easier to move items around to get the balance right.