The Bengal is a domestic cat breed that looks like exotic jungle cats such as the leopard, ocelot, and dark leopard. The Bengal cat was developed by selectively crossing an Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat to create a confident, healthy, and friendly cat with highly contrasting, brightly drawn fur. You can also look for the best Bengal cats for sale in the UK through various online sources.

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They are very intelligent and active cats which can be challenging at times but still very playful and very loving!

Personality Of A Bengal Cat

Like most cats, the Bengal cat is a very intelligent and active breed. While this makes them fun companions, it can also sometimes make them challenging so that for the first time, they are not suitable for cats or pet owners. They are usually confident and friendly cats who are always alert.

When a Bengal cat gets bored, they can adopt some more unconventional habits, such as turning the lights on and off. They like to climb, so it's not uncommon for them to sit on the highest point in the house they can reach.

To challenge their wits and keep them from getting bored, a scratching post or even two is a must. Despite their happy temperament, Bengals are very loving and love to sit on your lap. They also know how to share your bed.

They get along well with other pets such as dogs and love to play with children, whom they care deeply about. They also love water, so don't be surprised if they accompany you during your bath or shower!