You'd like to dispose of an old clunker that is sitting in your garage or driveway. Don't rush to sell your vehicle. It may seem like it belongs in an old demolition derby but its engine and panels are likely to be worth something.

Before you dispose of the car, consider your options carefully, and choose the one that will pay you the most money. You can find the best cash for cars via

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If you need help determining the best option, the tips below should help:

1. Sell To an Individual

Most private buyers want automobiles that run. If your vehicle is down for the count, your chances of selling it to an individual are slim — unless, of course, the car is a classic. 

In that case, the body alone may be valuable. If your clunker is just a regular automobile, though, selling it to a dealership, or a salvage yard that pays cash for junk cars, is a better option.

2. Sell to an Auto Dealership

Auto dealerships are interested in buying used vehicles. After all, research shows that many dealers make a better profit from selling pre-owned models than new ones. For an automobile to be valuable to a dealer, it needs to be in reasonably good condition. 

Dealers don't mind replacing tires or a few bad engine parts, but they want to invest as little money as possible to make a vehicle salable. Consequently, they usually don't offer cash for junk cars.