If you're looking for a well-reputed primary school for your child, choose one that is known for its higher secondary education as well, because it's ideal if your child sticks with the same school right from the ground to finish. 

If you look at the list of higher secondary schools in Amsterdam or primary ones, International schools are among the best. You can check the details of the best primary school in Amsterdam via https://www.amityschool.nl/learning/primary-years.

International schools tend to offer the following features as part of their inherent systems.

Personalized Model of Learning: Any school that is considered one of the best international schools in Amsterdam, is likely to follow a personalized teaching and learning model. Teaching is student-centric and aims to develop the unique, innate potential, abilities, and interests of each child.

Innovative Teaching Strategies: A top primary school in Amsterdam would have innovative teaching techniques that help students to think creatively. These top international schools impart knowledge in a way that is creative and interesting and motivates and inspires students to work hard.

Learning beyond the Classroom: Many concepts that seem difficult to grasp become easier when they are put into proper context outside of the classroom. Primary schools generally strive to make learning really relevant for students by taking it beyond the classroom with field trips that impart practical knowledge to students.