Many people don't need millions of shoes in their wardrobe. It is important to have a limited selection of footwear, that are versatile and comfortable. Chelsea boots are the best type of hand-made to measure calf leather Chelsea Boots to have in your wardrobe.

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These slip-on boots are a great option for people who have trouble with shoelaces. These shoes are stylish and slip-on, making them a great addition to your wardrobe.


The classic design of the actual Chelsea boots has not been lost in fashion over their 100-year existence. They add class to any outfit, no matter if they are made of brown or black leather.


These boots will appeal to those who want to relive the past and make a difference from the 1980s clunky designs that plague the world. These boots are slim and sleek, just like Mods from the 1960s. They can be paired with their Italian-cut suits and mopeds. This boot is a great choice if you want to relive your youth.


These boots look great with any suit because of their smart design. While black boots are better suited to business wear, the boot's style means it will blend well with any suit's trousers. These boots can also conceal your socks, so if you have trouble finding socks that will not stand out from your pants these boots will help.