The Certified Information Technology Security Systems Professional (CISSP) examination is administered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or (ISC) 2, a worldwide nonprofit organization devoted to education and credentialing in information technology security.

The exam process has been around since 1994 and used a 6-hour test consisting of multiple-choice questions. The exam introduced "innovative extended" questions that can have more than one correct answer.

The exam lasts 6 hours and has 250 questions that result in 1000 possible points requiring a score of 700 or more to pass. You can easily get IT training, (ISC)2 CISSP exam & certification at READYNEZ.

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The exam aims to test knowledge in 8 areas of Common Volume of Knowledge (CBK) which have been codified since 1992. These are security for software development, security operations, security assessment and verification, identity and access management, communications security, security engineering, facility security, and risk management.

This was done with traditional multiple-choice questions prior to 2014, but current and future exams also include drag and drop questions, in which candidates must select an answer from one column and drag it to another, and "hotspot" questions, such as answers. where the candidate points to a specific location on a chart or graph.

These new questions are designed to cover a wider area than is possible with standard exam questions, measure a broader range of IT security skills, test more than traditional cognitive processes, and replicate IT experiences more accurately.