Dancing is an excellent method to let loose energy and be creative while staying fit. It is possible to improve the dance moves if prepping for an important occasion or looking to master specific dances for your personal development. 

There are many dance contests available that you can participate in, be it on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Chuzi, or Instagram which will motivate you to take a step forward and dance. For more details, you can read blogs on WHOIS: India Vs Phillipines powered by Chuzi – the brand new video dance challenge through uDOu PH.

Here are some of the most popular TikTok dances that you can learn at your home.

Tootsie Slide

Since Drake came out with the Tootsie Slide music video People from all over the world have been trying to emulate the smooth hip hop style. The lyrics can provide some insights into the steps to follow to make the dance, however, if they're a little difficult for you to follow, there are numerous instructions on the internet.

Seven Rings

7 Rings are the name of a dance that was created by TikTok user Devin Santiago. The dance was created by the TikTok dance in response to remixed versions of the Ariana Grande song that has the same title. 

The Box

The dance was choreographed by Charli D'Amelio who is one of the most active users on TikTok. The choreography was based on the Roddy Rich song with an identical name. D'Amelio shared a few videos of herself performing the Box choreography. Her videos have received millions of followers.

Try experimenting with your dance moves to make it more virtuous on TikTok..