When you're working all day it is difficult to figure out how to handle your pet. It is possible to leave him in a crate, or inside a room of your home, but is that truly fair to the dog. Most people work from 9 to 5 or more. Therefore, your dog will be being left for at least 8 hours without a companion. 

This can lead to frustration, isolation, behavioral issues, and depression and they aren't able to hold the toilet for that length of time. You can give all the possible care to your dog via Toronto’s trusted dog daycare and dog boarding or contact us online.

The most effective solution for your dog when you're at work all day is to take your dog to dog daycare. This is a relatively new trend in which people are opening their homes to take care of the dogs of others when they're working. These points show the importance of dog daycare.

Your dog is likely to interact with many other dogs, which is crucial for the integration of your pack. This is particularly crucial if your dog is young as the majority of behavior problems we observe in dogs arise due to the fact that they are not socialized properly as puppies.

Dogs who only interact with their owners, and not others or even people could be affected by anxiety and fear bites. It can also trigger separation anxiety, which can cause the dog to become an anxious wreck in the event that it will need to live away from its owner.