When you purchase ECG simulator equipment for your hospital, you will be faced with a variety of choices. You can find many different types of ECG simulators with many different features and simulation models and, of course, very different price tags. How do you make your buying decision?

In this article, we provide a simple breakdown of simulation models that can simplify your ECG analysis studies. The first group had standard ECG simulation waves, such as a regular heartbeat and some arrhythmias or abnormal heartbeats.

Almost any reputable ECG simulator device should produce these two classes of ECG wave patterns and their expected variations.

Second, an abnormal grade ECG model alone can contain two to three different wave patterns representing different diseases in different parts of the heart muscle.

An EKG machine that has these additional features is much more expensive and may not be necessary if you just want to test a regular patient monitor at your health center. High-quality ECG emulator features are blood pressure simulator, breathing simulator, blood temperature simulation, and noise simulation.

Blood pressure chart

Some patient monitors require that simulated blood pressure be included in the simulated ECG. An incisional probe is usually used to get a blood pressure reading. They can be simulated in conjunction with the standard form of the cardiac ECG.