EM the sculptor is a kind of non-invasive treatment that can help eliminate fat and improve the growth of muscles in your abdomen and buttocks. Most people opt for this procedure to repair diastasis recti. It is very common among pregnant women who are prone to the separation of the abdominal muscles. Therefore you can opt for the Reneux med & day spa to overcome this problem in the body.

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How Does the Machine Function?

The machine emits high-intensity, concentrated electromagnetic energy which triggers lots of contractions in your muscles. The result is that your muscles are stronger and toned.

How Effective is This Method?

Numerous studies have been conducted to study the effectiveness of EM the Sculptor. After four sessions of 200 participants, 96% of them were satisfied 19% of them experienced subcutaneous fat, and 16% added muscles mass

Certain features of EM The Sculptor

EM Sculptor is a procedure that helps to tone and strengthen your muscles while at the same time. The device can contract your muscles up to 10,000 times in less than 30 minutes. It's more efficient than regular exercise.

The procedure assists in the burning of the fat in your body and also feeds your muscles. In the end, the patient could have a boost of 16% in strength and a reduction of 19% in fat.

After having completed all of the sessions You may notice muscles strength and fat reduction. It could take up to four weeks after having completed the treatment. A majority of patients continue getting great results after 3 months of treatment.