You have been told you are technically proficient and a strong performer, but lack the executive presence to be promoted to Director or vice president. Did you hear such things in your last performance appraisal?

  • Your presentation skills need to be improved
  • Executive audiences get impatient if you get too specific.
  • Instead of being visible and speaking up in larger meetings, you tend to "be invisible".

You can identify the traits of "executive presence" to help you assess yourself, build on your strengths, and identify areas for development. This list was created by Paul Aldo for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. You can also get more information about executive presence via

Executive Presence: Expressive Qualities

Executive presence is a key skill that allows people to project the following qualities to their audience.

Candor: It is possible to project honesty through the willingness and ability to constructively tell it as it is.

Clarity: You have the ability to communicate your story clearly and persuasively.

Openness: It is the appearance that you are not prejudging and are open to considering other points of view.

Passion: It is the expression of passion, motivation, and drive that shows people that you truly believe in what you do.

Confidence: The self-confidence you exude confidence, so others can see that you are strong and determined.