Glamorous eyelashes that you see in magazines rarely are the exact eyelashes you will see when you personally meet the model. If you want to know the secret of having a beautiful, dark lashes look, the best choice is to learn the basics of eyelash perming.

Eyelash perming is used for people who prefer to go outside without eye make-up. This procedure also offers women a more natural way to make the lashes more visible and fat. You can also buy eyelash perming kit through various online stores.

Active women can benefit from eyelash perming because the curls of the eyelashes will not go away even in extreme physical conditions. Men today are also using eyelash perming to enhance appearance dramatically without an eye-catching change.

Eyelash perming can take thirty to forty-five minutes. For men and women who want to darken their appearance, perming products can be easily mixed with mild vegetable dyes.

Before using perming kits, be sure to remove contact lenses or glasses and makeup by using an oil-free remover. Allows the eye area to thoroughly dry for ten minutes or more. Dip a cotton ten in warm water and squeeze any excess water out.

Your eyelashes perming kit should include a rod (in small, medium, or large). A small rod is ideal for people with short lashes, or if you want more stringent curly eyelashes.

Medium rod is the most common because it is an all-around clamp. Large trunk, on the other hand, according to people with long eyelashes, or those who prefer loose curls.