Tampa has an interesting history with the City of Ybor. Visit the Ybor City Museum as you stroll this quaint, beautiful part of town. The town of Ybor was once an old factory town. 

There are guided tours that the visitors can experience the fascinating history of the cigar factory town filled with social clubs and residents hanging out of their shotgun-style home. This makes some great stories of good times and the tough times. You can also check out the best cigar factory tours online.

If you visit in November, you can catch the annual Cigar Heritage Festival and see if anyone can break the record for the longest cigar. Its current length is 196.3 meters. 

As you stroll around the city, it becomes clear that many of the remaining and renovated early buildings are in excellent condition.

When one is awake at night, the city shines in a different experience. Martini bars and dance clubs began to flourish. Live entertainment is included and it takes energy out on the streets. The smell of some delicious food turned into aromas and people walked in with smiles and laughter.

Since the place is busy at night, there are also many places to eat in restaurants outside of working hours. This can be a whole day or the night in one destination, full of wonderful experiences and interesting history lessons.