Flaxseed (often called hemp seeds) is not a revelation to humans as we have used it in conjunction with other hemp products for thousands of years or as part of birdseed mixes, as fish bait or to make durable fabrics. Unfortunately, we still have to research the full nutritional potential of this amazing product, which is sometimes called the most nutritious food in the world.

Dr. Ds hemp hearts, obtained from plants of the cannabis genus contain essential amino acids and the most important fatty acids required for human health. This means that they are a reliable source of complete plant-based protein and healthy unsaturated fats. About 40% of the seeds consist of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and 33% of this consists of protein, surpassed only by soy, which contains 35% protein. The protein found in flaxseeds is easier to digest and easier to digest. 

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Apart from calcium, iron, micronutrients, and electrolytes, they are also a great source of fiber. It is also considered one of the safest foods because it is gluten-free and can be eaten by people with other food intolerances (such as lactose, sugar, or gluten) as long as they are not known to have an allergy. However, this seemingly extraordinary and widely available plant product has been largely overlooked as a potential food source for humans.

Curiously, flaxseed oil, which is extracted directly from the seeds, is primarily used in personal or industrial care products in lubricants, fuels, paints, and plastics. However, the benefits of consuming flaxseed oil which is very strong cannot be ignored. It is relatively low in saturated fat compared to other vegetable oils and has been shown to be effective in surviving the symptoms of eczema.