Roofs are generally used to provide protection for your home. The roof is made of a different material. However, metal roofing systems and roof cement are widely used. When it comes to the metal roof there is a large variety associated with them. A roof panel is the most important part of the roof. It is usually a metal sheet that forms the roof of your structure.

Insulated metal walls are generally made of colour coated sheet. They can also be made of galvalume sheet. 

roofing sheets

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The major advantages of the roof are:

  • They give the crown overlap and are designed to provide total leakage protection. 
  • It provides high strength. 
  • This reduces installation costs by increasing the distance purlin frame. These panels are lightweight and can be easily installed. 
  • These panels have a long life because of the use of the colour coated sheet. 
  • These panels are maintenance-free. 
  • They can also provide sound insulation. These panels can be used for aesthetics.

Insulated roofing panel is easily available with a lot of suppliers and manufacturers. These days coating are also provided for thermal insulation. It can be used for industrial application or for residential use. The coatings are used to provide complete thermal resistance. It can be applied under or over the roof.