As opposed to adult footwear, children's footwear should be chosen with care and consideration with regard to the small feet. In reality, it's beneficial for children's feet to walk around barefoot the majority of often in order to build the flexible soles of their feet. 

However, shoes are also necessary to safeguard the feet of children from injuries when moving on surfaces that are uneven.

A wide variety of children's models and styles are available on the marketplace, from designer sandals to sneakers that are tailored to the comfort and fashion requirements that your children. 

Therefore, picking the right pair of shoes among the many options is difficult to accomplish. You must be alert and attentive when purchasing Veja kid’s shoes as choosing the wrong pair of shoes can cause your child's feet to grow. 

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To make the difficult job of finding the right shoes effortless, this article is giving you the most tried and tested secrets to buying kids' sandals. 

Below are some of these secrets that can prove to be a great resource for you.

Instead of spending a lot on a pair of trendy kids' shoes to celebrate a special occasion, it's best to choose a high-quality pair of comfy children's footwear to let the kids stroll around without anxiety.

Measure your child's foot each time you look for the perfect pair of shoes for them. 

You should look for shoes with half-inch open space between the toes for the little toes to move freely within the shoes without discomfort.

Don't buy shoes that are too big believing that your child's feet will are growing faster. In fact, wearing too-big shoes can make your child fall, and could cause foot issues in the future.