One of the options for dark spot removal is cosmetic surgery. Many dermatological procedures will remove the superficial layer of the dermis and reveal a small and white skin beneath it. Since the skin of the face is quite thin, this method is not ideal.

You will be trolled for some information on non-surgical methods to remove those black spots.  If you want the best information about a lotion for dark spots then you are in the right place.

How to remove dark spots on the face without surgery

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If you haven't found one yet, here are some ways that may help you:

1. Try to apply sunblock before going out. If you are not doing anything for the perpetrator of the problem, the recovery of your dermis will be greatly reduced. The sun's UV rays are harmful to the skin and give a sense of those spots. Applying sunblock or lotion with a high SPF level can go a long way in blocking those UV rays.

2. Make sure that you are using a natural moisturizer. The presence of those black spots is also known as age spots which is a sure sign of weakening of your dermis. You won't want to increase it further by applying a moisturizer filled with chemical-based ingredients and additives. Set your sights on new and effective ingredients such as Extrusion Nutrus, Manuka Honey, and Synergitake.

Extrapon Nutragus helps to lighten those places safely. It can inhibit melanin production. In the first two weeks of use, those dark spots may lighten up to 40%. Whether this is a better option is the fact that it can help to relieve dryness of the skin. It maintains a smooth and soft skin for a very long time. If you are allergic to other white ingredients, you want to try it out.

3. Use mild scrub twice a week. The surface of your skin is like dead skin cells and sebum. No product will enter your face easily. Get rid of surface guns first and you can actually improve the condition of your skin.