As much as we love our homes, our jobs, our friends, and our families, I think we all dream of great escapes from time to time. We dream of running away – starting over – giving up everything to live simply. Often times, these fantasies involve beaches and sunshine, especially for the sun-thirsty British.

When it comes to our weddings, we take the opportunity to include just a touch of escape, and more and more of us are choosing to marry abroad. You must check all the details to marry abroad like required documents to get married in Denmark.

While this sounds like fun and can be a very good idea, here are some tips and tricks to make sure your perfection … is perfect.

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Get clear on what you want

Sounds really easy, right? You and your loved ones will get married exactly as you always dreamed. But often your dream marriage doesn't suit your partner. So don't rush into ordering anything until you've sat down and talked at detail about what you want.

Take the time to weigh all of your options so that you both know exactly what you're paying for all your hard-earned money (.

When you're in the planning and ordering stages, make an effort to find English speakers who are you in the world. There's nothing worse than trying to negotiate the day of your dreams with all the emotional stress the phrase brings and doing it in a foreign language.

 The rise of weddings abroad has brought in an influx of skilled wedding planners who find venues, book restaurants, florists and hairdressers, and minimize stress and hidden costs you may not be familiar with. So hire someone you trust and do it early in the process. You will not regret.