With the most rugged of Victoria's state and national parks and state parks, the Grampians region is an ideal playground for those with a wide range of tastes. You can also search online to plan the Grampians one day trip.

Tour To Grampians National Park From Melbourne

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The stunning landscape is particularly suited to viewing it from the air which is why Hot air ballooning, as well as scenic flights over the region, are very sought-after. 

Abseiling and rock climbing are well-known sports in this region as well. Grampians National Park and Mount Arapiles are two of the most well-known rock climbing spots in Australia. Pleasant weather and a myriad of difficult peaks attract people from all over the world who are looking to test their abilities on Australia's most imposing cliffs.

The mountains can be appreciated by staying on the ground with biking, walking mountain biking, or riding horses. Take a mountain biking excursion or explore the country by horseback, and get up close and personal with the numerous species of kangaroos, and other animals who call the region home. Parks are a wonderful spot to take an easy stroll or a strenuous hike. They have plenty to offer anyone with any interests or fitness levels.

A fantastic place to stay in the region can be found in Halls Gap, a tourist center that is within easy reach of all major tourist attractions in the region. People who want to explore the region without having to taste the more adventurous aspects of life can take in beautiful drives, country-style shops along with local wineries and discover the local Aboriginal traditions through the galleries of the town.