These parts of the animation, graphic designs, and digital footages are combined together by adding audio to form a digital film. This helps to convey ideas to viewers in an easy and effective way. It is served through electronic media. This is different from general animation, it is not fully driven by characters such as animation that often represents animated forms, logos, and other texts.

It does not have an official founder or creator since its beginning was not recorded anywhere.  But even in the early 1800s some presentations which can be classified as motion graphics were released. Its history was closely related to computer graphics. History is closely related to computer graphics. Development in computer charts leads to the development and use of wider motion graphics. 

It is usually used to create advertisements, film titles, information sharing, etc. Texts are the main content of these graphics and by giving animation to the text and adding audio motion graphics are created. You can also get a professional motion graphic video through for your business advertisement. 

Uses of motion graphics

1. Information Sharing

If you are trying to convey a message or information to the audience then this will help you to do that in an easy and effective way. Through this method, you can convert your idea into animation and by adding suitable audio and other features so that content will be more acceptable and understandable for the audience.

2. Movie and Other Video Titles

One of the most common uses of graphics is to make video titles. Before starting a movie or other videos the title is shown with the help of motion graphics. It is created to impress the audience and make it look more attractive. The text is animated along with a piece of background music which is a common style of the title card.

3. Logo Graphics

Logos for your company, websites, etc. can be made more attractive by adding animations to it. It is a type of motion graphics.