You know that every time you store your information in a file, Windows stores all the important information on your computer in a register. Information about the hardware and software systems that are installed on your computer and information necessary to configure the system. So, the more you use your PC, more information is stored in the registry of your computer.

What you need to remedy the situation is a reliable windows registry cleaner, with which you can clean your registry window and get rid of any unnecessary data.

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Windows 95 was the first time; we were introduced to the register. Before all this important information was stored in the INI file system. Earlier each software has its own system of INI files. These files were scattered all over the hard drive of your PC, making it extremely difficult to keep track of system parameters.

You must be aware that a damaged registry in your PC can actually corrupt your entire PC system, making it unusable. So, in order to keep this very essential part of your PC in good working order, you must keep a-bloated and this can be achieved by using a good registry cleaner for Windows. Different windows registry cleaners work differently. One registry cleaner may not work like another software made for the same purpose.