There are handfuls of indoor cycling bike choices in the marketplace, but none are as popular as the Peloton bike. The Peloton Bike plus is the latest release from this company and it is by far the most expensive indoor cycling bike on the market. If you're trying to decided between buying the standard Peloton bike or if you should get the upgraded Peloton bike plus, this article may help point you in the right direction. The standard Peloton bike just received a huge priced reduction of over $300 while at the same time the new Peloton bike plus was introduced at $2495.

The new Peloton bike+ has quite a few new features such as a rotating screen that's even bigger, a much better speaker system, and the auto follow digital resistance feature. This new auto follow feature on the Peloton bike+ allows the bike to adjust the resistance for you without ever touching the resistance knob yourself. In order o achieve this the Peloton bike plus engineers had to redesign how the mechanics of the knob works from the inside out. The resistance knob on the Peloton bike plus is digitally controlled by a computer when you turn it, instead of there being a mechanical connection to the magnets near the flywheel. The Peloton Bike plus review posted by TailHappyTV shows an in depth look at how all the new features on the Bike+ works, so if you're considering buying either Peloton bike you may benefit from watching this YouTube video.