To take a professional-looking picture can take years of practice, there are some simple things you can do to dramatically improve your photography. However, once you have applied the tips and reached the point where you are a competent photographer you will find that your progress is slower and you'll need to work harder to improve your photos by just 1 to 2%.

Here are some simple things that you can do quickly to improve your photos:

The way to make your photo look professional is lighting and location. This is why lighting and space are at the top of this list. You can easily find the best photography studio for hire from various online resources to make it more professional.

Professional photographers are obsessed with lighting, even though it's the most neglected aspect of photography. Lighting and good space are essential to make a photo professional.

What makes lighting interesting? It's not what we are used to seeing. It highlights the topic and presents it in an engaging way.

There are several ways to make portrait photos more interesting. You can place the subject in the shade to provide even lighting, or you can turn your head to the sun to ensure that the shadows don’t spread across the face.

Landscape photography is all about the time of day. 95% The best landscape photos I have ever taken were taken in the early morning or at sunset. 

This is a common mistake made by beginning photographers who try to take photos in the middle or late of the day. This is rarely a recipe for success.